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The NN project

NN means "Name Unknown". In latin it stands for Nescio Nomen, "name unknown", and it was a mark used to identify orphans until 1970 in Italy.

We launched our first titles in march 2015. And we did a lot to create a strong community around our books, on line and off line.

We publish 20 books each year, literary fiction and memoirs, and we pay a lot of attention to each one of them and to the path of the writer. We work with passion on all the different aspects of the publishing (product conception, translation and quality of product and communication) and the marketing and communication strategies.

We are well-known for our community of readers online and book sellers, and for our presence in bookshops all around and in the Italian readers groups. We had an astonishing success publishing books of Kent Haruf in Italy. Our community of passionate readers is growing very fast, and follows our submission with love and trust.

We are structuring our catalogue in series, but we do not build series related to the literary genre or the writers’ origins like it is so common in Italy (crime series or italian writers series, for example). We give a strong importance to the writer voice and the core theme of the books, thus creating a sort of path of reading, a fil rouge between books.

We love to publish literary book that can be a real joy for readers, strong but also accessible, and we love to publish books that have, in the writing and conception, a form of innovation in the way they are structured or in the way they use the rules of different genres. A difficult search for identity in contemporary times: here is, briefly, where we are focusing our issues and research.

We focus on different core themes, both individual and collective: roles and relationships in daily life, allies and enemies in the quest for an identity, past and present in our choices and so on - and we love to give voice to different ways to address this questions.

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